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    Delivery is safe and quick with our specialized delivery trailer.  One man can safely offload your shed using a remote control.   Our trailer also tilts, extends and  walks from side to side to allow us  to get into those tight spots. We can deliver anywhere on the road system. Our prices include local delivery.

    We will level your new portable building using cement blocks at no extra cost. For larger buildings, and portable garages, we recommend a prepared level gravel pad.   We do provide site work and pad preparation.

    All buildings come with 4x6 treated skids under them for structural strength and to keep them high and dry. Not sure about the best place to put your new shed, or wondering if you have room to get it into location? Just give us a call at 315-0288 and we will be right out to give you a free consultation and site evaluation. If needed we will construct the shed on your location.   Customer is responsible for any needed building permits.

Bringing you storage solutions for your garage pollution!



P.O. Box 879705

Wasilla, Alaska 99687

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